angel cloud

The Eagle and the Angel Cloud

My lovely son Gregor was 24 years old when he left this life on May 19th 1996. In the year 2000 we were over on the Isle of Mull on the 19th May and went to visit his grave in Tobermory and laid beautiful flowers on it.

Afterwards we went for a run in the car along the coast. As we passed the old castle at Aros I saw a massive sea eagle on a rock by the shore and we stopped to take photographs as it rose majestically into the air.

When we looked at my photos there was no eagle, but a cloud in the form of an angel appeared to be rising from the sky above Tobermory … we had not noticed it when watching the eagle.

My Angel Guru Diana Cooper told me it was a sign that Gregor’s spirit was now free. Then I knew that although his body lies in a grave, his soul will forever beside me.

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